Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Golden Touch in the Education System

 A motion for change in the Educational System

It is regarding the now-need of change in the educational system in Nepal. The teaching system had changed from the “Gurukul” system to the “Classic Blackboard”. Now it is a technologically global world and there is a need for the teaching and learning systems to change accordingly to an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) classroom.

It is also proven that the students grasp the most when they experience, followed by sight and then what they hear. Keeping this in mind, the ICT classrooms (also called E Class- software and visual aids that enhance learning experience) was viewed as the most preferable by schools and colleges around the globe. Keeping this in mind, Midas Education had the best team put up to present to you the Midas eCLASS.

Seeing the current trend it is perceived that it won’t be long before you see parents and guardians come up to ask if the school is based on ICT. The ICT movement at your school will enhance the learning ability of the students, permit swift evaluation and benefit the teaching and learning environment inside the room. Midas eCLASS also trains teachers for betterment and also orient parents for awareness.

It is a time for a change. Go and get your rights because you have the rights to best education for your future!!